Corporate History

CTI Resource Management Services, Incorporated (CTI) is a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. CTI was founded in March 2003 to provide Fast, Friendly and Efficient Support Services to customers worldwide. Drawing on our over 1000 years of combined government experience, other resources at our disposal, and the expertise of others, we provide our clients with the best possible support services – quickly and efficiently and all with a smile.

CTI currently operates a state-of-the-art contractor site support center in Jacksonville, Florida as well as providing customer site personnel throughout the U.S.

Our Mission

CTI exists to provide Fast, Friendly and Efficient support services to government and private organizations worldwide.

Our Vision

We see a company that is committed to making a difference in the lives of our employees and our customers so that they can make a difference at work, at home, in their communities and the world.

Our Goals

CTI will:

Attain our defined revenue and profit goals - Because it's a great long-term investment.
Be a Great Place to Work for Great People - Because it makes good business sense and it's the right thing to do.
Lead with Love - Because it ensures our employees are motivated and loyal and our business is resilient and profitable.

Our Story...

In March 2003, CTI’s Founder and President, Mr. Chris Imbach, a retired Navy Limited Duty Admin Officer (LDO), utilized his extensive career experience to develop and implement the processes necessary to begin providing travel and payroll Enterprise System support services to three Navy shore installations in the Southeast Region. By leveraging technology, Mr. Imbach developed a plan to consolidate support for the remaining 19 shore installations in the Southeast Region into one highly efficient support center. CTI’s plan saved the government millions in precious manpower dollars. In October 2003, the new Echelon II command, Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) recognized CTI’s expertise and contracted with CTI to provide travel and pay implementation, training and support in a phased approach to all shore installations worldwide, while simultaneously tasking CTI to provide Call Center support for various additional IT Enterprise Applications. Today, CTI is the premier Support Center providing IT Enterprise Application Support services, Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Support and Enterprise Land Mobile Radio (ELMR) logistics support services to Navy customers throughout the world. In addition, CTI provides a myriad of onsite administrative support services to Commander, Navy Region Southeast (CNRSE), DOD Washington Headquarters Services (WHS), the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Jacksonville USO. In addition, CTI provides a myriad of onsite administrative, financial, logistic and facility management support services to government customers throughout the United States and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

CNIC Cuts Accounts, Saves Money

CTI assisted with effort to identify and delete dormant NMCI accounts. CNIC successfully increased performance and cut monthly costs by about $2.1 million a year by filtering through dormant NMCI accounts. “The dormant account cleanup process was initiated by Program Manager (PM) NMCI,” said CNIC Support Center Program Manager Chris Getz. “The account cleanup process has several benefits, but chiefly to improve network performance and decrease contract cost to the Navy.” Completed over about three months, the Support Center was called in as the local IT staff became overwhelmed. “PM NMCI gives a list of accounts to CNIC,” Getz explained. “The list consists of thousands of accounts being labeled as probable, highly probable and so on. The Support Center then compared this list to other reference tools such as TWMS and Active Directory to determine the likeliness that an account was in fact dormant and needed to be deleted. After comparison, many accounts were contacted to determine if there was validity to a ‘dormant’ status. This was done to ensure that accounts where the user was TDY were not deleted. Once a final list was compiled, it was sent to PM NMCI for deletion.” A dormant NMCI account is defined as an account that has gone unused for over 90 days. “CNIC was the leading Navy entity in this effort,” Getz said. “At the end of Fiscal Year 08, CNIC was able to delete 8,888 accounts, which was considerably more than the original 3,100 estimation. Because of these efforts PM NMCI has decided to continue this effort for the first quarter of Fiscal Year 09, thereby giving the Navy more time to cleanup.” – CNIC Communicator, November 2008

CTI Aides Katrina Victims

CTI is known for their ability to develop rapid and effective solutions in response to time critical situations. In the hours following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, CTI was tasked with marshaling the required resources to process travel orders for all Navy military and civilian personnel and their families located in the Gulf Coast region. CTI’s rapid and professional response in this situation resulted in their relocation to safe havens where they were able to resume a normal life outside of the geographic region devastated by this natural disaster. Working around the clock, CTI processed and tracked over 20,000 of travel orders in just days. This effort is a testament to our ability to respond to critical requirements in an adept and skilled manner, characterized by genuine concern for our customers well being and the highest degree of customer responsiveness. Because of our ability to quickly respond to the needs of the Sailors and their families, CTI provided travel order processing support to victims of hurricanes Wilma and Rita also.

CTI and Wounded Warriors Partner to Make a Difference

In August 2008, WWP launched TRACK to offer wounded warriors an integrated approach to address long-term needs for education and training, advocacy, and secondary rehabilitative care for the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT of wounded warriors. This unique program offers participants a range of college preparatory classes and services customized to their needs, helping them build career skills, train in veterans’ advocacy, and continue recovery toward a more independent life. The wounded warriors attend college classes as a group, with the ability to draw from their shared experiences. TRACK has three state-of-the art classrooms, as well as a gym, and individual workspaces for the warriors and instructors. TRACK’s first class began August 15, 2008. CTI welcomed a member of the first class as an intern in our Jacksonville Customer Support Center, providing him with the ability to learn about private industry by participating in a series of rotational assignments and through mentoring by our management team. CTI learned many lessons from our TRACK intern and believes he participated in a valuable introduction to the civilian work world through his assignments at CTI.

Message from the President

Before CTI was even formed, Theresa and I determined to make God the “Boss”. The fantastic growth of CTI has been no accident… we give all the credit to Him. When times were tough, we turned to God, and He hasn't failed to help us with the answers. We strive to provide fast, friendly and efficient service to all our customers with honesty, integrity and character. Do we make mistakes? Sure we do... we're human. However, when we do, we find it imperative to do our utmost to make it right. Of course, to us, besides being the “Boss”, He is also our Heavenly Father and it's a great blessing to us to have this security in these troubled times.

– Chris Imbach, President and CEO.

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3